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In combination with traditional methods of treatment (speech therapy, development programs), patients with Developmental Delay (DD) can expect for the following improvements after fetal stem cell therapy

  • Cognitive improvements

  • Easier social contact with other children

  • Improved verbal skills

  • Better learning capacity

  • Improved memory

  • Greater self-confidence

  • Boosting of the immune system

Developmental Delay Fetal Stem Cell Treatment at CellStemClinic

Developmental delay (DD) is the failure of a child to meet certain developmental milestones, such as sitting, walking and talking. Developmental delays may indicate a problem in the development of the central nervous system. The child’s mental development is delayed, leading to poor gross and fine motor skills, and impaired communication. Overall, these children have a slower time catching up to standard development milestones than normal children.

Developmental delay Therapy

About treatment

CellStemClinic’s fetal stem cell treatment offers a new and effective way of treating developmental delay. This treatment is based on the abilities of fetal stem cells to stimulate all organs and systems of the body for development and regeneration, allowing the brain to function in a more active way.

Fetal stem cells replace damaged cells of the nervous system and form new neuronal connections in the brain. They also stimulate the creation of new micro blood vessels which improves blood circulation in all organs, which leads to a better oxygen supply levels in the brain.

The majority of our patients treated for Developmental Delay have reported improvements. The goal of our treatment is to further the patient’s mental and physical development, social skills, and help to better integrate the patient into all social and professional aspects of life.


"We are very happy with the results of the treatment of our child. We keep in touch with the doctors at the clinic."

T. Bonetti , Switzerland

"We visit CellStemClinic on a regular basis, practically, every year. Having tried out various product propositions, we have always been happy about the quality of all treatments, their results, staff professionalism, ambiance and food. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone who would like to pursue a more healthy and natural option of our regeneration process. My best wishes, Irina B."

Irini B., Moscow

"I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to all the CellStemClinic. I was pleasantly surprised when the doctors talked me through everything that was going on, explained why this or that particular action was taken, what kind of drugs were being administered and why they were prescribed in the first place, and what type of equipment they were using. Thank You"

Grace, Austria