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As there are many causes of ED, a comprehensive diagnostic work-up is needed to find the problem and in turn the right treatment. At Cell Stem Clinic, we perform the following tests:

  • ED questionnaire to assess general health and specific problems
  • Physical exam by Urologist/Andrologist
  • Comprehensive blood tests including hormone values
    (testosterone, etc.)
  • Ultrasound imaging of the penis and penile arteries
    (doppler and duplex US)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and angiography (MRA) of the arteries supplying the penis

Potency Hypothesis of Stem Cell Therapies

Stem cells possess the potential to communicate with the immune cells that elicit the inflammation and by natural, so far not understood mechanisms may inhibit an immune-over-reaction. Furthermore, stem cells have the ability to stimulate regeneration of tissue thereby counteracting the loss of functionality.

Over the past few years, particular enthusiasm has developed for stem cell-based therapies in the urological field, especially for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

In cases of acute ED, the mechanism of repair effected by stem cells is assumed to be on a paracrine level. In chronic ED, however, the effect of stem cells may be mainly based on engraftment and cellular differentiation. The exact mechanism of how stem cells improve erectile function in chronic ED is still not fully solved.

Erectile dysfunction Treatment

MSEC – Mesenchymal Stem Cell Secretome – Exosomes – Autologous

Patients with a prolonged history of ED symptoms are usually treated with MSEC (secretome, exosomen, EVs) of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC, AD-MSC, adipose-derived, fat-derived stem cells) which we harvest from the patients belly in a mini-liposuction (very brief and limited liposuction) under slight sedation.

The main advantage of MSEC is that in contrast to live stem cells which would loose their therapeutic potency, can be frozen without loss of exosomes. This enables us to produce 10-20 injection doses from one liposuction which can then be administered over a longer treatment period. This is especially advantageous for long-term stimulation of regeneration in ED.

The results of the therapy depend on different factors: initial condition, duration of the problem, age of the patient, lifestyle, etc. In order to achieve the best results within first 3 months and to solve the problem in the most effective way, collaboration of the patient and the doctors is needed. Your doctors at CellStemClinic will advise you accordingly in this collaboration.


"We are very happy with the results of the treatment of our child. We keep in touch with the doctors at the clinic."

T. Bonetti , Switzerland

"We visit CellStemClinic on a regular basis, practically, every year. Having tried out various product propositions, we have always been happy about the quality of all treatments, their results, staff professionalism, ambiance and food. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone who would like to pursue a more healthy and natural option of our regeneration process. My best wishes, Irina B."

Irini B., Moscow

"I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to all the CellStemClinic. I was pleasantly surprised when the doctors talked me through everything that was going on, explained why this or that particular action was taken, what kind of drugs were being administered and why they were prescribed in the first place, and what type of equipment they were using. Thank You"

Grace, Austria