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Younger skin and fuller hair thanks to stem cell secretome

Aesthetic medicine has made rapid progress in recent years. Nowadays, with the help of hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, laser medicine and, of course, plastic surgery can be used to maintain or restore a more youthful appearance.

While the desire to look as young as one feels increases, the demand for a therapy that is as natural as possible, without risky side effects, but provides longevity and effectiveness gets more and more into focus. Hair loss, fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet are not serious diseases, but they can significantly disturb the general well-being.

Many patients rightly shy away from the injection of dangerous substances or even surgical interventions, especially since their effects are often only of limited duration and may even lead to serious complications.

What are the advantages of secretome treatment?

  • Stem cell secretome has several advantages compared to the actual stem cells from which it is produced:

    High concentration: The manufacturing process developed by Stem Cell Clinic stimulates stem cells to produce large amounts of stem cell secretome (exosomes, EVs). It also avoids the loss of stem cells during lung passage.

    High safety: The absence of cells makes the stem cell secretome particularly safe. A formation of tumors by the stem cells is excluded.

    Good storage properties: In contrast to living stem cells, which can lose their therapeutic efficacy by storage, the stem cell secretome can be frozen without loss of exosomes. This enables us to produce 10-20 injection doses from one liposuction, which can then be administered over a longer treatment period.

  • This is especially beneficial for long-term anti-aging treatment. The secretome (exosomes,EVs) can be used both as a direct injection under the skin (also scalp) and as infusion. Both applications can of course also be combined.

What is the advantage over PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma)?

Stem cell therapy is a more advanced treatment compared to PRP therapy. The PRP therapy recruits growth factors in the injured area to support healing. Stem cell therapy goes beyond PRP therapy in that. on the one hand, by triggering the body’s own repair reactions, but on the other hand, by also stimulating the activity of resident stem cells for cellular regeneration. Stem cell therapy with our secretome (exosomes,Evs) is able to regenerate damaged tissues, and is therefore ideal for a basic renewal of the skin and the growth of the hair.

The best reward for CellStemClinic is successful treatment and improvements in our patients, their words of gratitude and smiles on their faces.

"We are very happy with the results of the treatment of our child. We keep in touch with the doctors at the clinic."

T. Bonetti , Switzerland

"We visit CellStemClinic on a regular basis, practically, every year. Having tried out various product propositions, we have always been happy about the quality of all treatments, their results, staff professionalism, ambiance and food. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone who would like to pursue a more healthy and natural option of our regeneration process. My best wishes, Irina B."

Irini B., Moscow

"I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to all the CellStemClinic. I was pleasantly surprised when the doctors talked me through everything that was going on, explained why this or that particular action was taken, what kind of drugs were being administered and why they were prescribed in the first place, and what type of equipment they were using. Thank You"

Grace, Austria