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Post COVID-19 Fetal Stem Cell Treatment at CellStemClinic

After a person has been diagnosed and recovered from COVID, he or she is supposed to come back to a normal life. However full recovery hasn’t always been as easy as recovering from the common flu, due to various complications which are caused by the COVID virus. A significant number of people who suffered from SARS-CoV-2 had either mild or moderate form of lasting complications, while others have more severe complications. The complications that arise from the COVID virus can affect immune system, respiratory system and cardiovascular system. These problems are typical for elderly people and people with concurrent diseases such as diabetes, kidneys problems, etc.

Information about treatment

The purpose of our treatment is to restore the human body after SARS-CoV-2 infection, including the immune, cardiovascular, and pulmonary systems, as well as reducing the risk of re-infection.


Immune system:


After a COVID viral infection, the immune system produces specific antibodies against a particular strain of the virus. However, the viral aggression causes the exhaustion of all parts of immune system and auto-aggression, which is a common immune system reaction.


Fetal stem cell treatment (FSC) has the following effects on the immune system:


  1. Stimulates auxiliary cells functioning and intensifies secretion of biochemical mediators which participate in protection from infections, while also playing important role in allergic reactions.

  2. Enhances activity of natural killers – white blood cells of the lymphocytes group which attack and kill infected cells of the virus.

  3. Improves immunology memory – the capacity of immune system to react faster and more effectively to the antigens that the human organism had been preliminarily in contact with.

Post Covid-19

Cell Stem Clinic

Respiratory system:

The consequence of a COVID infection is a complication of the pulmonary system in the form of pulmonary fibrosis and the replacement of functional alveoli with connective tissue. In such a case, the main goal of the therapy is to restore the respiratory function by:

  1. Restoration of superficial epithelial layer of bronchus: the cells that were the main target of the virus.

  2. Restoration of small blood vessels.

  3. Helping to inhibit overgrowth of pathological connective tissue.

  4. Facilitating restoration of gaseous metabolism, production of lung surfactant and capacity to increase to local immune protection etc.

  5. Restoration of respiratory function.


Cardiovascular system:


One of the complications after SARS-CoV-2 is cardiovascular system damage, like inflammation of heart membranes, which causes progressive cardiac insufficiency. It happens because of the replacement of normal heart tissue with connective tissue. The main goals of fetal stem cell therapy in relation to cardiovascular complications are the following:

  1. To increase heart muscle mass, which improves the contractility of the myocardium.

  2. To improve conduction, which reduces the risk of arrhythmias and heart block.

Fetal stem cell treatment helps to restore the regenerative potential of different systems of the body, prevent complications and the possibility of re-infection. Fetel Stem cell treatment boosts the immune system and regenerates the affected systems and organs which leads to their functions’ normalization again.


Cell Stem Clinic

"We are very happy with the results of the treatment of our child. We keep in touch with the doctors at the clinic."

T. Bonetti , Switzerland

"We visit CellStemClinic on a regular basis, practically, every year. Having tried out various product propositions, we have always been happy about the quality of all treatments, their results, staff professionalism, ambiance and food. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone who would like to pursue a more healthy and natural option of our regeneration process. My best wishes, Irina B."

Irini B., Moscow

"I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to all the CellStemClinic. I was pleasantly surprised when the doctors talked me through everything that was going on, explained why this or that particular action was taken, what kind of drugs were being administered and why they were prescribed in the first place, and what type of equipment they were using. Thank You"

Grace, Austria